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Advance Law Office, PLLC
Kelli Schmidt, Attorney at Law
Special Education issuesLink206-277-0635Seattle
Brothers and Henderson, PS
Joshua L. Brothers
Christopher M. Henderson
Provides legal services in the areas of special education for school-aged children. Guardianships and protective services, Social Security claims, benefit advocacy, and Special needs trusts.Link206-536-2446Seattle; Mercer Island
Paul C. Burton, JD, MSEd - Attorney and Counselor at LawHas experience as a special education teacher, principal, superintendent, and special education attorney, and Pro Tem District Court Judge.
Paul’s services includes college cases and ADA issues.
Carey & Lillevik, PLLC
Ann M. Carey, Attorney at Law
Linda Lillevik, Attorney at Law
Provides legal services in the areas of Special Education and special needs for school aged children. They also advocate for youth and families in the juvenile justice system.Link206-859-4550Seattle
Cassady Mineiro Law Firm
Charlotte Cassady, Attorney at Law
Nicholle Mineiro, MEd, Attorney at Law
Kate Hurt, Attorney at Law
Represents families and students to enforce their education rights including accommodation disputes. Handles special needs guardianships and assists with estates. Link206-452-5665Seattle
Cedar Law, PLLC
Lara Hruska, Attorney at Law
Chris Williams, Attorney at Law
Shannon McMinimee, Attorney at Law
“ Provides legal services in the areas of Special Education, IEP and 504 plan review, harassment/bullying, and private placement consultingLink206-607-8277Seattle
Jenny M Cochrane, Attorney at LawSpecial Education issues for families; provides legal assistance in areas of estate planning and special purpose trustsLink425-451-7276Bellevue
Jeannette Cohen, M.Ed., JDSpecial Education, 504, discipline and juvenile criminal issues. 206-542-7234Bellevue
Countermark Law, PLLC
Jinju Parks, Attorney at Law
Provides Special Education servicesLink206-277-0635Seattle
DuBois Cary Law Group, PLLC
Amanda DuBois, Attorney at Law
Provides experienced family law and estate planning representation in an emotionally supportive environment.LinkSeattle: 206-208-2720
Bellevue: 425-441-3610
Seattle; Bellevue
Kerri W. Feeney, Attorney at Law
Feeney Law Office, PLLC
Provides legal services in the areas of Special Education Link509-946-5200Richland
Ford Law Firm, PLLC
Ryan Ford, Esq
Special Education issues including student discipline, bullying and harassment and civil rights.Link206-552-0258 Seattle
Katherine A George, Attorney at Law
Johnston-George LLP
Special Education issues for families.Link206-832-1820Seattle
Jones & Ibrahim PLLC
Christine Thompson-Ibrahim, Attorney
Provides legal services for special education issues., guardianships, wills and trusts, Social Security appeals and eligibility. Personal injury and disability discrimination claims.Link206-405-3240Redmond
Kirby Johnson, PC
William T “Bo” Johnson, III, Attorney at Law
Licensed in Alabama and Washington for Special Education services and children’s rights issuesLink205-458-3553 Seattle
Law Office of Linn Schisel & DeMarco, PSGuardianships, Special Needs Trusts, and wills also juvenile court dependencies and family law. Link206-242-9876Burien
Gregory A McBroom, Attorney at Law
Smith McBroom, PLLC
Special Education issues. Trial and litigation attorneysLink206-778-5128Renton
Northwest Justice ProjectClient must qualify financially for special education assistance.Link206-464-1519Seattle
PBW Law Firm, PLLC
Phillip Wade, Attorney at Law
Family law, guardianships, guardian ad litem, and disability law.Link360-373-8526Bremerton
Paul W Routt, Attorney at LawSpecial Education issues425-277-3135Renton
Sinkevich Law Firm PLLC
Frederick A Sinkevich, JP, Med
Provides legal services in the areas of Special Education, Employment/unemployment law and Disability.Link515-699-8558Seattle
Thompson Howle Vaugh
Attorneys at Law, LLP
Suzanne C. Howle, Attorney at Law
SSI cases, Guardianships and Special Needs Trusts drafting and representing trustees and beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts.Link206-682-8400University District
Wiscarson Law, PC
Diane Wiscarson, Attorney at Law
Mary-Anne Linden, Attorney at Law
Licensed in Washington & Oregon for Special Education issuesLink503-727-0202Washington, Oregon
Jan G. Zager, Attorney at Law Provides legal services in the areas of Special Education and special needs for school aged students. She also provides special needs guardianships, estate planning, and juvenile court dependencies.Link206-232-3348Mercer Island