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Daniela Ferdico, Psy.DSpecializes in assessing a child’s abilities and areas of growth and the differentiation between autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and/or DyscalculiaLink425-529-3432
Tyler A. Gerdin, PsyD, ABPPSpecializes in assessment and treatment of LD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum and AspergersLink509-676-4313
Jennifer M. Gronholt, PsyDAssessments of LD/ADHD for children/adolescents360-639-4642
Pacific Brain Health & Wellness
Larissa Del Piero, PhD
Learning disability, ADHD and Neuropsych assessments (ages 12+)Link206-880-1851Seattle
Elizabeth A. Smith, PhD
LD evaluations and assessments for DyslexiaLink425-301-1816
Anne Wright, PhDEvaluations of LD, ADHD, gifted, and twice-exceptionalityLink360-961-8766
Antioch Community Counseling/Psychology ClinicSliding fee scale LD testing Link206-268-4840
Barry S. Anton, PhD
Rainier Behavioral Health
Evaluations for LD/ADHD, early kindergarten entrance, and evaluations for gifted educationLink253-475-6021
ARK Institute of LearningAssessments for LD, sliding scale is availableLink253-573-0311
Kenneth N. Asher, PhDPsychological and educational testingLink206-322-4552
Owen J. Bargreen, PsyD
Bargreen Psychology
Psychological and cognitive testing for children, adolescents, and adults.Link425-303-0201
Jennifer R. Blair, Ph.D
Cascade Neuropyschological Services
Provides neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment services for children, adolescents, and young adults.Link425-640-6134
Belle Chenault, PhDProvides testing of children, adolescents, and adults for learning disabilities and ADHD for educational or employment issues. Counsels school-aged children for self-esteem, anger, grief, anxiety, and school peer concerns. Works with parents to determine how best to support their children and can include school consultation and advocacy.Link206-465-8068
Brooks Powers GroupAssessment to determine LD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Link206-801-1139
Christine Clancy, PhD, ABPP
The Center for Child Development
Clinical Neuropsychologist who provides assessments for LD/ADHDLink425-877-3484
Jeanne Anne Craig, PhDEducational and gifted program assessment 425-822-8159
S. Wayne Duncan, PhD
ABCD, Inc.
Assessments in cognitive and academic achievementLink206-569-3361
Cynthia Dupuy, MEd, PhDDiagnostic evaluations to determine LD or ADHD Link425-378-7634
Gayle Fay, PhDNeuropsychological evaluations for LD or ADHD, preschool and up 425-452-8036
Amy Ford, PsyD
Dayspring Behavioral Health
Neuropsychological evaluations for children and adolescentsLinkIssaquah: 425-295-7697
Maple Valley: 425-369-4057
Andrew B. Forsyth, PhD
Ridgeway & Forsyth Psychology, P.S.
Clinical Psychologist, specializes in assessments of ADHD and LD of children ages 6 to adults.Link509-353-9885
Madeline Frank, PhD, BCBA-D
Seattle ABCD
Educational testing for children and adolescents.Link206-569-3361
Linda Gorsuch, BA,SpEdProvides assessments for LD360-371-3978
Gregory Greenberg, Ph.D.Can provide IQ evaluations for all ages, but not assessments for Learning Disabilities425-637-7700
Hallowell Todaro CenterSpecializes in the diagnosis of cognitive and emotional conditionsLink206-420-7345
Jared Hellings, PsyDProvides assessments for LD & ADHD in teens & adults Link425-686-8413
Edwin D. Hill, PhD
Neuropsychology Associates, Pllc
Neuropsychological testing for adolescents & adults253-383-3355
Angela Hungelmann, PhD
Arboretum Psychological Services
Assessment of LD & ADHD for children/adolescents Link206-729-2829
Ivey West, Med
Healing Places Counseling Center
Evaluations for LD/ADHD for adolescents, reports co-signed by PhD 253-655-0947
Gwen A. Lewis, PhD, ABPDNComprehensive testing of LD, ADHD for all ages. Can provide consultations with parents and school staff regarding learning needs of the student.425-672-1850
Kirstie Lewis, PhDAssessment of LD and Scotopic Sensitivity for all ages425-562-8928
Elizabeth P. MacKenzie, PhD
West Seattle Psychological Services
LD/ADHD testing, children/adolescents/college age Link206-932-2590
Wendy B. Marlowe, PhD, ABPPProvides clinical neuropsychological assessments for children, adolescents, and adults.Link206-623-5217
Grant Martin, PhDAssessment and intervention for LD, ADHD, and Autism for children and adults. Can also provide spiritual guidance.Link425-999-6285
J. Keith Peterson, PhDProvides evaluations for LD & ADHD for all ages253-572-2588
Beverly J. Norfleet, PsyDProvides diagnostic testing for LD, can conduct assessments with ethnically and culturally diverse populations for children, adolescents, and adults.425-455-7861
Guy D. Oram, PhD
Family Psychological Services of Kirkland
Neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults for LD and ADHD.Link425-576-1817
Stephanie Nelson, PhD, ABPP
Skylight Neuropsychology
Provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children with learning, processing, social, emotional, behavioral, and/or medicalLink360-334-6156
Patricia A. Oppenheim, PhDIntellectual, educational assessments for LDLink425-562-1515
Peninsula Psychological Center, IncEvaluations for LD and ADHD LinkPoulsbo: 360-799-1006
Port Orchard: 360-895-1955
Silverdale: 360-698-4860
Teresa Piacentini, PhD
Associates in Behavior & Child Development
Educational testing for children and adolescentsLink206-569-3361
Steven R Pickering, Ph.D
Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Center
Provides evaluations for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental issues206-987-8080
Michelle A. Proulx, PhD
Seattle Psychology
Evaluations of LD, ADHD, gifted and twice exceptionality206-408-2720
Fredric Provenzano, PhDProvides evaluation, consultation, parent training and psychotherapy services for LD and ADHD individuals of all agesLink206-361-2343
Daniel M. Salzer, PhDEvaluations for LD, ADHD, and ODD for children425-483-4136
Amy Summers, PhDEducational assessments, LD, Dyslexia, ADHD & IQ testing Link206-522-4104
Nora Thompson, PhDNeuropsychological assessments for LD425-640-6134
Susan Toth Patiejunas, Ph.D.
Eastside Psychological Associates
Evaluations for LD/ADHD, preschool to adolescent Link425-427-2477
The Learn Clinic - University of Washington School of Psychology Comprehensive learning, behavioral, and ADHD assessments, including Learning DisabilitiesLink206-543-6511
University of Washington Clinical Lab Free diagnostic testing of children ages Preschool-High School by students under guidance of professors. Spring Quarter- Preschool age assessment for LD, Behavior, Social-Emotional issues (Kindergarten readiness)206-616-6362
Ellen L. Walker, PhDEvaluations for LD and ADHD for all agesLink360-738-4916