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Barbara Bennett, M.A.
Educational Therapist/Consultant
Specializes in educational evaluations with a focus on Dyslexia, LD, and AD/HD. Based upon each student’s unique learning strengths, she provides individually designed educational therapy to teach academic/workplace skills and the strategies to apply them in one-on-one sessions. She works with anxiety, depression, executive function, organizational/study skill issues as well as with internationally and domestically adopted children, IEP/ 504/school placement, school and workplace consultations offered. Age 4 (Pre-school early identification and school readiness) through adult. Seattle and Eastside students
Meg Mylan
Ms. Mylan works with elementary and middle school age students who need support in reading, writing and spelling and have difficulty with phonological awareness. She uses a one-on-one systematic, multi-sensory approach that is engaging for students and based in research. Parents are trained to coach their child using the same techniques used in tutoring sessions at Fluent.Link425-208-2733Redmond
Claire Nold-Glaser, MEdCollege planning for students and families Link425-373-1192Bellevue
Hands on Learning Solutions
Laura Parker
At hands on Learning Solutions you can expect to receive services that are based on research in how the brain works. They address the root causes of the learning challenges by remediating the underlying weaknesses They do not teach academic concepts - they teach students how to learn, then how to apply their new skills to learning.Link253-857-8188Gig Harbor
ARK Institute of LearningProvides individualized assessment and instruction for children, adolescents and adults with learning challenges to help them build academic and work-place skills to succeed in school and in life. This is not tutoring in specific subjects.Link253-573-0311Tacoma
ATAC Inc. One-to-one tutoring and consultation for mainstream, gifted, college-bound and LD/ADHD students, grades 5 to college. SAT Prep, Writing Development, Math and Science Tutoring, Study/Organization Skills, & Computer/Web Skills. Seminars for students, academic consultation for parents and schools. Tutors are available for students on the Eastside.206-547-1818Seattle and Eastside
Debra A. Boyle, M.Ed.
Learning Development Specialist
Education Consultant/Academic Tutor/Cognitive Developer/Student Advocate. Over 25 years of working with students from preschool to senior adults. Debra works with a variety of special needs, including learning disabilities tutoring, Autism speech development, adult post-head trauma reading, writing and speech fluency re-learning, and ESL adult conversational English. As a consultant she can advocate for students and meet with school staff on their behalf, if needed.425-785-5286Redmond
Brightmont AcademyTutoring services for students in grades K-12 providing one-to-one instruction in all subjects including math, science, English, and social studies. They also offer test preparation tutoring. The Brightmont class is individually differentiated for each student to offer strength-based challenges and needs-based remediation. Academic and transitional services available.Link206-284-2300Seattle, Redmond Town Center, Sammamish
Maggie L. Dail, M.A.
Unlocking Learning Potential and Family
Academy Online
Specialties are Reading, Math, Special Education, (ADHD/LD), Spanish (using student’s curriculum), and GED prep. Offers testing services to homeschoolers and others using research and developed online programs including parent courses and Brain Training classes. Family Northwest Academy provides additional help by teacher consultants, many who operate site based learning centers in Washington State. Link253-581-1588
Dartmoor School and Tutoring Dartmoor helps students develop a solid scholastic foundation in all academic subjects, with an emphases on reading, writing, and math for grades 1-12. Also provided is the Educational Testing Methods SAT/ACT Preparatory Program. For families, educational consultations and advocacy are provided.LinkSeattle: 206-522-2379
Bothell: 425-482-9361
Issaquah: 425-427-1400
Bellevue, Seattle, Bothell, Issaquah (plateau)
Dolan Academy & Learning Center
Janet L. Dolan, M.Ed.
A Washington State approved Non-Profit, K-12 private school and tutoring center. Provides individualized and/or small group instruction to learners of all abilities, learning differences, and/or disabilities to improve fluent performance in academic, organizational, social and/or technical skills. Learners graphically see their progress every day and set goals for their own learning. Schedules are tailored to meet the needs of students and their families throughout the school year and summer.Link425-488-3587Woodinville
Peiter Drummond M.A. – Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Madison Learning
Instruction in reading, math and expository writing, home work/study skills using evidence based methodsLink206-661-1023Seattle
Eastside Academics School
Director: Jennifer Vice
Tutoring for all subjects at all levels, grades 6-12 and College Prep classes for middle and high school level. Middle/high school credits, including diploma of completion. Educational planning, college advising, and vocational assessments for high school students. Link425-922-6792Bellevue
Kristie R. English, M.Ed.
Learning Landscape, LLC
Educational therapist working primarily with adults and adolescents specializing in LD and reading. She provides remediation of learning differences, reading and written language skills, executive function skills such as study techniques and time management skills. Helps with self-advocacy—understanding your strengths / weaknesses and which accommodations your entitled. High school to post-secondary education or employment issues.
Linda Gorsuch, B.A., Sp.Ed.
Whatcom Learning Lab
As a special educator she is familiar with special techniques to help students with learning disabilities. Accepts tutoring students (K-6) in areas of reading, language arts and math. This program is hosted by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.Link360-371-3978Bellingham
Hallowell Todaro CenterThey partner with Hampton Tutors to provide tutoring and test prep for school students. Also helps families navigate academic issues with their children or with the school.Link206-420-7345Seattle
Hamlin-Robinson School Learning CenterProvides proven effective multi-sensory instructional strategies for students with diverse educational needs. Tutoring is one-on-one or group instruction. Sumer Program with social skills groups with exciting activities that build confidence and social communication skills.Link206-763-1167Seattle
Julie Hannah, BA
Sparkle Spot Learning
Supports student’s academic and learning challenges by using a multi-sensory approach to a variety of teaching areas including organizational skills for elementary aged children. Summer learning camps are also available.Link206-271-6808Seattle
Cathy A. Jenner, MA, LMHCA
Connects Counseling
A learning assessment can help you or your child understand learning barriers. Often a few simple corrections are needed for more successful learning. Strategic tutoring is available, where you or your child will be taught how to use learning strategies with specific courses or content. Link206-595-2920North Bend, Snoqualmie
Cynthia C. Johnson, M.A.
Cynthia Johnson Tutoring
Provides educational in-home tutoring for LD challenged students K-12. Services include core subject knowledge and skill building, organization, time management and study skills.Link425-417-7984Issaquah
Learning Ladder Educational Services Remote on-line tutoring for reading, writing, spelling and math using Orton Gillingham and other proven methods. Works with children experiencing learning issues.470-344-5574 Nationwide
Cassidy Levinson, M.A.
Tutoring with Casssidy
Private tutoring in all subject areas on hourly basis for children grades K-6. Tutors in her home or your home or in a public space such as a library. Experienced teaching students with a wide variety of disabilities.Link425-231-5886Shoreline
Lindamood-Bell Learning ProcessesOne-to-one instruction in reading, spelling, writing, language comprehension, critical thinking and math. All ages. Effective for Dyslexia, AD/HD and Autism. Link425-827-6288Bellevue
Optimal Learning Solutions (OLS)
Family Psychological Services of Kirkland
The OLS approach takes into account a student’s brain-based strengths and weaknesses, including intellectual and problem solving abilities, processing speed, working memory, attention/concentration, and learning disabilities. Tutors provide one-to-one or group instruction while collaborating with coaches and therapists to improve academic understanding.425-576-1817Kirkland
The Polytech School
Reza Khastou, M.Ed. COO
Provides one-on-one tutoring for regular or drop-in students.Link206-557-4646Seattle
Cascade Learning Resources
Lynn Serack, M.Ed.
Educational Consultant, she provides individual support for differently-able learners. Collaborative consultation wherever learning happens. This does not involve actual tutoring.425-765-6592Preston
Carola Tossetti, M.A.
Bellingham Reading
Credentialed Reading Specialist
Carola uses criterion referenced instruction; diagnosis is based on testing provided by the child’s school or a certified testing professional. After identifying what needs to be learned, instruction is specific to the student’s needs and strengths. Carola works with all age groups, including adults. Instructional progression includes phoneme and grapheme awareness, decoding strategies, sentence & passage structures, comprehension, study skills, & writing skills. Link360-333-8777Bellingham
Laurie Ulmer, M.A. Provides tutoring services to school students509-341-4416Winthrop
Kendra Wagner, M.A.
Reading, Writing,Thinking
Reading specialist
Tutors all ages in reading, writing and organizational skills. Has years of experience working with Individuals dealing with LD/Dyslexia. Advocates for children in or out of the school system.Link206-947-4478Seattle
Melanie Weiss, M.Ed.
Sound Readings Foundations
Specializes in literacy acquisition and is experienced in training parents to “coach” the same tasks she uses in tutoring sessions during home practice. Research based, multisensory methods are used to develop phonological awareness, letter/sound awareness, decoding skills, and fluency; to facilitate spelling and writing; and to enhance comprehension. She works with students from preschool through high school, and welcomes working with adults.Link425-746-5745Bellevue
Yellow Wood AcademyOffers one-to-one tutoring, & supplemental instruction to help develop knowledge and skills while improving study skills. SAT/ACT preparation classes, consulting and in-school advocacy. Non-profit state approved school that offers courses for students grades K-12. Ruth Hayes-Short – Executive Director.Link206-236-1095Mercer Island